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My score from the box hill camera markets

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Got a Yashica EM TLR with working meter for $75, had an old roll of Tri-X Pan still in it half used.


17mm FD prime (non-canon) for $45, then a Canon AE-1 for it for $60 with 50/1.8


Toyo Omega 45D monorail camera for $100.


Roll film back for the above camera, one that slides down with ground glass for focussing with the back on, had an RB back attached to it too (Free back!) for $50.


Yashica SLR for $35 for the yashica lenses I got for my GH2.


Brass ring Schneider Kreuznach 360mm f/5.5 with working pc sync for $150.


Bunch of 120 roll Konica 3200 colour neg for $2/roll.


100ft roll of Kodak Fine Grain Positive Release film for $5.


Pro Pack of 120 astia for $15, some other random things like a tv lens for my GH2 for $5.




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