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SW:TOR - Backlash

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News on SW:TOR


A lot of players are upset over the server mergers that happened on 18 Sept.


New merged servers equals more players on each server + you can now have 12 chars per account on the new servers. = good.

but due to the merge, players are losing their characters names and having to rename chars even if they had them from launch day and it seems random as to who gets renamed. = bad


Also Guild names have been afected too.

So if a guild was moved from a server that was deleted it earns - [guildname] @ [old server name]


The SWTOR forums are full of upset players.


The Asia Pacific Ocianic servers have not merged, nor have we been given 12 slots.....


Even so I am still playing and enjoying the game, cant wait for the 1.4 patch.

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yeah im keen for the 1.4 patch. The Australian servers seem to still be fairly populated in the afternoons which is good.


Really looking forward to the range disrupt for the power tech

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