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3 monitor setup advise pls

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hi i have samsung 27inch 950 its a nice monitor the 3d didnt work well there was a lot of ghosting. any way i want to purchase 2 more monitors and put one each side. i dont want 3d and want to keep the price under 300 for each monitor.

i would like the 1900x1080 with a thin Bessel and i was thinking 27inch. what monitors would you recommend?


I have a 7950 will i need a second 7950?

i want to play: mist of pandaria

carrier command

arma 2 (dayz)

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I'd honestly recommend getting 2 more of the same monitor, that way they're all aligned, same width bezel etc and just looks nicer.

Would probably be cheaper if you got a different model without 120Hz though.


Game support for triple monitor will be on a case by case basis. Some support it out of the box, others will require a bit of tweaking.

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