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7800N locking down all my bidness

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I've got a Billion 7800N. It's actually my third one, the other two have come unto calamaties. This one's going to join its brothers in the grave unless it stops cock blocking my ports.


I was going to try and describe my efforts, but let me start instead with the symptoms. I absolutely positively cannot connect to Games For Windows Live. Connection times out and the internal troubleshooting says Internet IP Not Signed In, whatever the fuck that means. I've forwarded the requisite ports, to no avail. A quick check reveals that the ports will not accept incoming connections. Or even on port 80, which I thought was a little bit necessary on account of the fucking internet and whatnot. Stop me if I'm wrong.


Works fine using an old Netgear router, even without the necessary ports forwarded. What's my router doing, and how do I illustrate to it the error of its ways?



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Update to the 1.06g firmware if not already on it


reboot resetting all settings to factory default.

Log back in to the modem and if you really want to use port forwarding go to advanced configuration > advanced > device management and disable UPnP.

Or don't use port forwarding and enable UPnP. Do not use both at once.

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Want me to fix it up for you, then show you how, this weekend mate? :)

If it's still broken then, yeah. Cheers.


-edit-- And thanks ali. I'll give that a bash tonight.

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