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MSI MOA 2012

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Hey guys,


If anyone is interested, the MSI MOA (Masters of Overclocking) competition is going on right now in Taipei. We have 2 teams from Aus in the event, along with teams from many other countries. Preparation has already been completed and the first round is under way, SuperPI 32M.


You can watch a live stream of the event here and check the score board here.


Wish the guys from Aus luck and check out the stream if you're interested.

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I've been cheering for Fester as he's a local :)


Update: Looks like unfortunately Team.AU are out (Sniper & Deanzo) as both their 680s are now dead, so they missed the 3D11 round.


Update: Team Mipmap also had issues with their 680 and have had to bench on air only. Bad luck for the Aussies. I expect the Korean team have this in the bag. Apparently they got a very nice CPU and also got a good sample 680. Lucky.

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