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Razer Onza/wired 360 controller troubles!

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Hey all.

Bought myself a Razer Onza the other day, to replace my busted Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for PC.

I've been trying to use it for a couple days now, and waiting on support from Razer, but I've uninstalled the 360 Accessories for Windows program repeatedly, and tried everything - removed all USB devices, uninstalled programs, the whole rigamarole, and it's still not working - the lights come on, briefly, but then the green ring goes dark and the controller is useless.

Tired of waiting for Razer support.


It's functionally the same as a Xbox 360 Wired Controller - same drivers, etc.

I've used one before, but I can't, for the life of me, figure out what's wrong.


Any ideas?


Controller shows up in Device Manager as 'XBOX360 GAMEPAD'. The only other peripheral attached to my laptop is a logitech mouse, at the moment.





1) Click on your Windows icon in the lower left corner, then Right click on Computer

2) Go to Properties

3) Click on Device Manager

4) Double click on the Unidentified Device that should be highlighted in the list by a yellow icon.

5) Select “driver” and click on Update Driver

6) Browse my computer for driver software

7) Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer

8) Windows Common Controller for Window Class

9) Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

10) Update Driver Warning

11) Click Yes


In my case, Windows Common Controller for Window Class was Microsoft Common Controller For Windows Class.


It took me calling Razer's US hotline (An 888 number, which is a free-call in the US (and a free call using skype) to get the response, but everything panned out.


Thanks all.

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