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Remote Control of my Android device

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Can anybody recommend an app for my 7" android Tablet that will allow me to remote control it, like you can do with UltraVNC, Teamviewer RDP for windows etc etc.

I have been trying to search for an app that will do this, but havent had any luck lately.

I know there is a wide variety of apps to control a MAC PC or Linux box from the tablet, but nothing to control the tablet from my PC.

There where a couple that would allow me to send txt's, install and uninstall apps, as well as open webpages.

BUT I havent found anything as yet that give you the "full remote control" experience.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



sorry, i did have a look at teamviewer but for this you needed a samsung tablet and the correct version of android.

My Brand of Tablet is an "AMAZE" 7" Tablet running android 2.3 from memory.

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Check out http://airdroid.com/ and http://www.snappea.com/


If you are wanting to do something like VNC into your android device you'll need to root it.



install and uninstall apps

you can do this from the play website.


Thanks PointZeroOne.

I think I will wait till my SIII turns up before i try and root my SII just in case i properly do root my SII ;-)

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