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iPad/iPhone line in recording

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I have a situation where I need to record into an iPad or iPhone for audio analysis. It doesn't have to be be extremely high quality, but better than recording with the built in mics. Mono is fine. I know there are a number of sync port audio inputs available. However, the headphone jack accepts a mic from a headset, so there must be some kind of input on there. I saw one of these today, Tascam iXZ. As you can see, it has a tip/ring/ring/sleeve plug as an output to record through the headphone jack. I have tried recording line level with a normal TRS cable and it didn't work, and I'm wondering if using a TRRS cable will work for me?


Bit more research.... just found this:



TRRS cable with an attenuator.

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You're right, ten dollars extra is nothing and one may as well get the box with more options. However, I was hoping I could spend something like $5 on a TRRS cable and get away with turning down the volume to not overload the mic level input.

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