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Little gold star to Kaspersky.

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I'm running Kaspersky IS on my desktop.


Today i wake up and notice that i can't open Foxit Phantom PDF (Latest version 5.4). It turns out that Kaspersky deleted it's exe file because it contained "AdWare". Older version of Foxit worked, version 5.3 and older.


At 12:20 i sent them an email reporting the false positive with Foxit version 5.4.

At 12:25 i recieve a reply that it is indeed a false positive and it will be fixed in the next update.

At ~13:00 Kaspersky downloads the latest update and i can now run Foxit agin without problems (Had to reinstall it of course).


That's a bloody good response time.


1. Recieve a complaint from customer

2. Confirm customer response

3. Push out an update to fix the issue


All within a half an hour.

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Guest xyzzy frobozz

I've run Kaspersky for a couple of years.


Never had an infection, had a few warnings but, best of all, you hardly know it's there.

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