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techspot nvidia 310..61 beta vs amd 12.11 beta 8

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looks like the claimed 25% performance increase from nvidias latest beta hasnt done enough



7970 is still about the same speed as gtx680 while being the same price as gtx670

7950 boost performs much the same (2% slower) than gtx670 while being priced the same as gtx660ti

the list goes on and on with nvidia typicality costing up to $90 more for the same performance till you get to the gtx660 non ti which has found itself close to 7870 performance for the same price


there conclusion made me consider gtx650ti for the parts guide as a good alternative to the 7770 1g till i realized they had tested a gb gtx650 ti oc 2g which is ~$190 in au same price as the 7850 2g

maybe the standard 1g model could find itself a place at $150 http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/AMD/Cat...ormance/23.html

but then msy currently has 7850 on special for $159 although whether or not they have any stock is another thing


edit oops double dot :)

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Nice writeup and some useful benchmarks for once, I get sick of seeing the same shitty games nobody plays but are just easy to bench. Good to see the 7970 is getting some recognition for the great performer it truly is. It can only really get better too.

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