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When do to many drivers start to cause an issue?

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I work in a phone shop, and its much quicker, and easy to plug the phone into a laptop to charge it then digging around in the bottom of the cupboard for a wall charger.


The side effect is that Windows 7 ent has to install a driver for each and every phone that connects to the machine (i am up to USB Modem 76), when will to many mobile drivers become an issue?


Some phones might connect once every few months, others like ZTE (Telstra) phones need a driver for its self, and all its bits, like modem, sd card, etc.

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Shouldn't be a problem at all as the drivers should not be loaded when the phone is not connected. That is the drivers are present in the relevant folder on the HDD but are not loaded in to the OS until needed.

So apart from a bit of HDD space and a reg entry it should not be an issue.


At least that is how I understand removable USB devices to work.

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Yep. there is no problem.


Unlike background apps and mass ammounts of fonts; despite popular belief a 'HDD full of photos' or multiple drivers wont cause an issue.

Its only when drivers like to share something that they fight. And you'll know because it'll BSOD on you.


Just keep going; there is no harm done.


While here, may I suggest something like this?


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Thanks for the feedback


Master - thanks for the edit, i picked up a cheap DSE 4 port hub a few days ago.

Edited by amckern

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