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Monster Memory

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Hi all, I'm planning my next build. I only have room for one PC, and it will be a server for running ERP and CRM systems at home (for Dev and setup work) cause that's my job and its much better having your own instances running to hack on. I will also play the odd game, write long documents, surf the web, convert video formats.


As its pretty cheap, I'm thinking of maxing out to 32gb or even 64gb (on a 2011 mb), just to make it future proof and because I use 8gb easily now.


Question is does having this much memory, as good as it is for running multiple VM's, slow down the PC in other tasks? I know it takes longer to start up, is there anything else to consider?


Anyone else run monster amounts of ram?

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extra ram wont slow it down although it can restrict overclocks

for a start i would just fill half the available slots with 8gb sticks then you can always add more if you need it

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