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Kogan Mobile

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I returned my Agora to kogan because it kept giving me 'Invalid SIM' errors. The Kogan Agora has pretty shitty reception in NextG area's

Interesting, had a short play with one today for a lady who couldn't get it to work.

Someone had fitted both her new Telstra SIM and her old SIM (some telco name I have never heard of) and she kept getting an out of credit message when trying to use it.

Phone had defaulted to using her old sim as the primary sim which was out of credit, so removing it fixed it for her.

Initial thoughts from a brief play. Reception was better than my Blackberry at this particular location (according to the possibly optimistic signal strength indicator),

Back cover feels thin and flimsy. Phone is bloody big (5" screen so derrr). I could also see all the icons without my glasses (yay). Touch screens still piss me off with inadvertent touches launching things I didn't want.

Seemed responsive enough once booted but took a while to boot from off (turned off to remove the SIM).

Worth buying? At $149.00, probably.

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