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Just got myself some Creative T40's

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So Ive owned a set of Logitech X140 for a long time.

They gave what I considered amazing sound for 2.0 at their price point (cost me about $75 on release day?), without going to studio monitors. (the bank didn't allow at the time).

Just won a set of T40's on ebay for $25, hooked em up, and wow.


I'm no fool, I worked in the VERY high end audio setup industry for a year, I knew what good sound was, I knew the X140's were not great. But I'd never imagined a difference like this.

Bass is shaking things off shelves and making my feet feel it, clarity is great, tonal balance is probably 85% correct (which is great for consumer stuff).


As expected, I've lost some mid range, which was the X140's strong point. Nothing but mids :P But i've gained every other point in the audio spectrum, I can equalize the mids back a bit I think.

I guess in short, I never knew sound like this was possible without going up to 4-6" studio monitors, and its blown me away.


For $25, hell, they're only $100 new!!!!! I've never heard a PC system sound better, even 2.1. Unless you go to monitors, I think i've found the golden child, haha.


Anyone have other 2.0's I should go listen to in the consumer range to compare these to and see if they really are god? I may buy another 3 sets for around the house.


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