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In some ways it was Mac, in others not so much...


They committed the cardinal sin of changing two or more things at once, including moving from an ISDN WAN to Frame. Legacy apps, like TRIM, until it was updated, did not understand the high latency of tromboned Frame and kept timing out.


Knowing that was not too hard, proving it so Telstra would admit it and do something about it was quite a different story.


It didn't really compare to the document management of a certain infamous trial here though, we had to install quite a number of automatic-feed scanners at the lawyers to convert paper to digital media. It was that or fork lifts going into the court.


Tick's task reminds me of a former PA who religiously printed and filed every email. Just once it was useful when something was needed urgently and Exchange had gone out to lunch.



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I know it's been said, but for those keen on SharePoint... I was using K2 Blackpearl on SharePoint to build workflows for a EDRMS in local government. Had the project been finished, it would have been fully compliant, but it was scrapped shortly after I left and they went with TRIM. It's crazy expensive.


SharePoint with K2 was very neat and I hope I get to work with it on future projects.

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Damn! I dive into my final semester of study tomorrow, but you guys are making me miss my old jobs! :-p

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