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So I kind of took up a new hobby; buying broken smart devices (tablets, phones, kindles etc). and replacing the part.

As such I've been buying a HUGE amount from ebay (more specifically, china).

Every time I have a problem with an Ebay sale, the lovely chinese people on the other end just say 'sorry, have a refund' and dont worry about their $5 part (probably worth 50c anyway).

Thumbs up China, I like that.


So this time, i thought, I dont want to wait a month, lets buy from somewhere local.


Paid the stupid $8ish for express postage, and at least it arrived the next day.


I instantly have two issues.


1. the part doesn't work. Its flex cable is separating into layers already, and its meant to be a microphone and a charger. All i get is static. (the last mic worked, someone broke the charger)

2. The part is listed as "1x Original Flex cable...." Well upon sending a photo of the part to the manufacturer, it is NOT original.

Ironically, the telltale sign is that the original parts use Etched flex cables, and the replacement part is a multi layer (which clearly had failed on my part ><)


So I email them. And while I know its on their terms of sale, they want me to pay return postage.

That pissed me off. You shouldn't be allowed to just send out broken goods, and expect the customer to pay to return them.

The ACCC says its "fair to expect the seller to cover the costs" but the office of Fair Trading says its not REQUIRED.

Poor poor poor customer service.

If my replacement part doesn't come via Express Post this time, like I paid for, I'll be seeking partial refund through paypal at the minimum.



And people wonder why business is going overseas?

I'd buy probably 5-10 various things a week from china via ebay, from random sellers.

Every one has been well above the call of duty in all regards.


The only local store I've ever had a pleasant experience returning products to is the big stores like Kmart and Target.

Even BigW had a go at me, because I'd broken the CD 'no refund' seal, to find the CD had a stamping error (disk looked like watermarks and didn't play).



At least I paid mobilepros via Paypal, so if my replacement part is also faulty, I can claim a refund based on incorrect description (not original) AND faulty goods.

bad form.

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Hm, perhaps a bit premature to post a rant before you've hit a standstill. They might come good in the end and this'll have been sorted.


'course they might continue to stuff you around, too.


The mobilepros listing was for an original cable; did it say that it was a new cable? A link to the listing would perhaps be insightful.

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Just get on the phone to them and explain that it's not the part you asked for. Infact it was visibly and clearly defective before they knowingly sent it and you fail to see how that's your fault.

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yeah, my rant wasa LITTLE premature, and at the fact that I had to pay postage for a product that was DOA, not just faulty within warranty period.

Oh, and that all their email replies were half sentence "yes" "no" type answers, or just a single hyperlink to their own site.

So the end of this?


(over email)

"Please no refund, we replace, yes?" (sorry if I offend any asians, they sounded so stereotype its only just funny...)

"do you have more in stock? Please remember I paid for express postage"

"Yes we have many, please return and we will check damage"


So I post it back, literally a 10 hour drive from my mailbox to destination, but apparently it takes 5+ days to arrive (bull, auspost is better in this area).


I get a phone call;


"Hello, this is MobilePro" (with the heaviest accent) I honestly almost hung up on a 'telemarketer'.

"Oh, hello..."

"We have your part, but we have no more"

"When will you get some?"

"About one month, we will send out then OK?"

"No, I'll be requesting a refund through paypal"

"oh... OK I mark as refund"


I managed to refund all my shipping too through the paypal dispute. Woo.


So, yeah, they were OK.

Have a horrible DOA policy (non existent) and I think they lied about stock, or at least failed to put one aside for a known return.

I was also pissed it was 'original' but not :P

They still leave an overall bad taste in my mouth if only for the false advertising, and the delay in getting back to me, and not holding (if they ever did) stock.



So after this, I called Aussie Mobile Phone Repairs (a local joint). This place is tops!

For starters, pretty much every service (parts inclusive) is $88 (my mate needed an iphone screen)


"Hi mate, I need an N7000 flex cable and board; the one with the microphone and charging port?"

"Let me have a look if I have one... yep sure do"

"aftermarket or original?"


"How much?"

"To fix it with warranty, $88, part alone, $25" (its about $10 above china wholesale, so not bad!)

"Ive had bad luck, and found out N7000's used 3 different undocumented audio chips for the mic, what if that one doesn't work?"

"Well, come in, as long as you install it, it'll be $25. If it works pay me, if it doesn't, take it out, no charge"

"Mate, couldn't be fairer, See you this afternoon!"


It was awesome. The guys were nice, kept their word, and $25 later I have a working galaxy note, on 'huge' font settings, and I can now read things easily :D

Now THAT is customer service, got him a sale, and now gets him a recommendation to everyone I know with phone problems.

Even their workbench is visible while they work, so you can see what they're doing to your device!



Im just glad for $175 total I have a working Note. I can finally read txt messages without migraines again!

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