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Virtu MVP 2.0

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I decided to go and upgrade my LucidVirtu drivers and stumbled upon their newest release - Virtu MVP 2.0.


At the moment it seems this latest driver isn't available from MSI which makes me wonder if maybe LucidLogix is moving to a Pay for Product model rather than bundling it will motherboards.


Anyhow, i figured i'd pick up a copy of the Pro Version and see how it works out. I don't have any results yet, apart from just playing Starcraft 2 and so far it seems like a decent update. The GUI is much better than before and easier to navigate and understand.


I played a few games of Starcraft 2 last night which worked perfectly fine with both HyperFormance and Virtu VSync enabled.


Crysis 3 doesn't seem to have support yet, however i'm planning on testing that tonight with fraps to see how the software works with unsupported titles.


But still, $89.99 (curerntly on sale for $55.99) for a single year of VirtuMVp seems a little steep. But at the same time having Access to the Intel QuickSync Technology is a mega time saver when i'm getting vids converted for the PS3.


Anyhow, time will tell if it's Worth the price, but lets hope that motherboard vendors with Virtu support will subsidize this software and we get it for free :D.

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very interesting.

offtopc, what do i need to do to setup MVP on either a gigabyte z77-ud3 (friend's pc) or an Asrock extreme4-m?

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i liked virtu vsync its a shame mvp doesnt work with cf\sli as thats when its really needed

just started replaying deus ex and noticed that enabling vsync seems to be making screen tearing worse rather than better which is really odd

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