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Hello fellow Atomicans ,


Although my desktop PC runs alright at the moment , with the advent of new games coming out and a decent monitor , I was interested in doing an upgrade in the near future.

I am looking at going from an AMD X6-1090T chip to the Intel i7-3770K using a Corsair H100i cooler.

Other hardware is a 120GB RevoDrive , Soundblaster X-Fi Titanium and running with twin GPU's instead of the single I am using now.

My case is an Antec 1200 v2 with an Antec Truepower 750W PSU and I am currently using a motherboard GA-890FXA-UD7 which is full.


My question is what motherboard has room for all this with the best use of two cross-fired graphics cards.

I am a little confused with the PCIe_x16 slots running at different values as stated on the technical information on the motherboards.

Do motherboards that have PCIe x16 slots with PCIe x16_1~2 stay at x16 even if you use the x8 slots for other items as usually they are paralleled.

If this is the case , would it be better to get a Solid State Drive that doesn't use a PCIe slot and also use onboard sound?

Ultimately as a gamer I want something that has good graphics with a good frame rate.At the moment I don't do any MMO's or anything online apart from Steam ( i.e. SKYRIM ).

Price is relative to performance and quality , so a card up to $350 is the limit.

If some one could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.



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