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An introduction to FCAT benchmarking (frame interval/latency capture)

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...sometimes FRAPS records stuff that isn't visibly there on your monitor. To do frametime recordings right (the proper way) we need to take a more academic approach... not measure at Game engine level, but at the monitor output as that is the hotspot as to what you see on your screen. How can we accomplish that? Well, with a framegrabber and a complex software suite which we'll be showing and introducing today.


We have our traditional Game PC with the dedicated graphics card installed. We startup a game or benchmark sequence. The game is rendered, passes several stages and then frames rendered are ready and served towards the monitor. It is precisely at that stage where we make a bypass. The DVI-DL monitor output cable we connect towards a Dual Link DVI Distribution Amplifier (or high resolution capable DVI switch). We connect out graphics card towards the input of the switch. Now the switch will clone the signal towards two outputs on that switch. One output we connect the monitor to but the second output we connect towards a framegrabber AKA Video Capture Card. Ours is a Single Channel 4 lane PCI Express bus with maximum data rate of 650MB/sec and support for a maximum canvas of 4kx4k HD video (we wanted to be a little future proof) capture for all progressive and interlaced DVI/HDMI modes. This card is 1500 EUR alone!


<quick copy and paste from xs



7950 is doing well with no stutter in the few games they tested some of which were known to be bad with older drivers although 6990 vs gtx690 didnt fair so well its a shame they didnt have a more comparable card but it will be very interesting to see more tests with this setup

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Another one here on FCAT - 7870 CF and GTX660 TI SLI


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There's a whole bunch of FCAT results over at techreport.com, they're the ones that kicked off this whole FCAT testing route that others seem to be picking up on.

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