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After market hsf for xeon 603 for a server

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so i got a couple of 2nd hand servers off ebay recently, however they only come with a dual core sittng in a single socket. i have looked around for a second cpu for the other socket, but it seems to be that every one that sells them do not sell the hsf.


do you know where i can pick up a a socket 603 hsf from for a dell 2650/2850 4U server?

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Oh yay. Clicked Add Reply, it didn't work and everything I typed was lost. I guess that'll teach me to use fast reply. Lol.


Unless Dell has gone out of their way so that you can only use their own proprietary heatsinks, you should be able to use any old generic heatsink in there. I think socket 603 chips were compatible with socket 604 boards but not vice versa - so they might have the same mounting retention bracket for their heatsinks.


Also, that dual core is probably just a single core with hyperthreading. If i remember correctly, socket 603 consisted of the early Foster, Prestonia and Gallatin chips which were based on the early Pentium 4's codenamed Willamette and Northwood. The xeons were limited to a 400mhz front side bus though.


Shouldn't be difficult to find a 603/604 (if they're compatible) heatsink on ebay. Last I checked, the 4mb L3 cache Gallatin MP chips at ~3GHz were the best CPUs available for socket 603 and going for less than $50 on ebay too.


Just double check compatibilities etc. on Google first before buying anything.


EDIT: I just realised I responded to a nearly month-old thread. Sorry.

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