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Excellent tutorial on one-way functions

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I'm posting this here instead of the Networking & Security forum because I think it has broader appeal, and it's something that everyone can benefit from.


Programmer and author John Graham-Cumming has just written an excellent series of blog posts as 'A non-mathematical introduction to one-way functions and their use in securing passwords'. The posts give a simple and easy-to-understand explanation of one-way functions, rainbow tables, salt, and how they all relate to real-world computing and the safe storage of passwords. Reading them has certainly given me a much better understanding of what is normally an impenetrable subject.


While accessing the blog posts costs you nothing more than your time, John has also put them all together in a slightly-expanded and illustrated PDF version you can purchase and download for the modest fee of $1.99 (note: I am not plugging this for my own benefit, I receive nothing from this).


If you want to have a look at either of them then head over to his web site here.

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Wow thanks, that will be an interesting read.


I purchased it seeing as it's right up my alley :D

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