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Replacing an HDD as part of RAID in Linux

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Okay; it looks like dd finished. What now? I tried sudo apt-get install gdisk but it wouldn't work. Perhaps there is some confusion; I am using a Red Hat based distribution.



The more specifics the better, which distro and what release? They usually have specific sets of packages.


Something to try though:

sudo updatedb
locate sgdisk

This updates the locate database (an index of the filesystem) and does a search for a particular file, see if the tools is actually installed or not.

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It looks like it isn't installed. The operating system is ClearOS 6.4 which is based on CentOS which is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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If you're doing it all from the command line, and can't get gdisk to install, perhaps try using parted instead. I know that can deal with GPT partition tables.


sudo apt-get install parted
Link: man page


Also, this website might help if you're stuck with RAID problems on linux.


Oops, since you're using CentOS, this should be the correct command:

yum -y install parted
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Just popped in to say, thank you everyone, I'm learning a lot from this thread. Its the missing 'confidience' i needed to use linux as a file server.


Also to say; THIS! exactly this, is why windows server won for my RAID.

I changed drive controller, swapped drive position, put in a new drive of different (but larger) size, and I couldnt break the fucker.

Came back solid every time.


Say what you will for open source; i love it; and ZFS is looking better each revision; but for an end user. ^ that up there is why it hasnt caught on.


Good luck, i'll be waiting for the outcome :)

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