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Why is no discussion on Muslim / Islam allowed ?

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I would love to poke my head in here one day and not see this kind of thread exist. Pretty sure most of us here are educated adults, it's beyond me why we can exercise a basic amount of civility and respect when it comes to certain topics. But, alas, it is the way it is.

I'd lie to see that, but not just for certain topics...


Agreed. Although I have to be honest, the place seems to have become a bit more laid-back since the mass exodus caused by the 'every man for himself' era.


I think the political/religious wrangling is just a lot more stark because there's much less traffic flow so to speak.

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I would to state though, as state many times before, I hate seeing things taken off the table as topics for debate. We should be able to discuss all things in an intelligent and respect full way. All things, and I'll tell you right now, I champion some unpopular ideas that people don't like, especially when it comes to extremism of religion, ideas, ethos, whatever. People to stupid to keep an open mind and rather opt to extremism of any sort should be breathing the same air as the rest of us as far as I'm concerned, not in this modern era. Any how, I digress.


The problem is, people keep proving that they're just not capable of intelligent and respectful discussion. So unfortunately, the playground has to have rules and certain things are off the table, otherwise fruit and Vegemite sandwiches start flying everywhere and some other cunt besides the little kids involved have to clean up the mess. And before ya'll start thinking I'm the most arrogant tosser to walk no deity's green earth, I'm no different, and not exempt.


As Robzy can tell you, don't bring up the financial crisis, ever, I will rant with a lot of passion but I want make much sense.

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Mr friendly, it is hard to have an intelligent discussion about something stupid. Bunch of people act crazy so they can get 72 virgins in some after life, Dat 600 AD logic. I remember this kid who was gonna blow himself up at the front gate in TK, the guards and interpreter talked him out of doing it. When disarming him the found kevlar wrapped around his genital area, when they asked him what was it for he said he was told to do that so it will protect his manhood so they can serve him in paradise. true story.


Intelligent conversation. .. lol





Muslim threads.

Always blow up.

10/10 did lol

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