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yeah no refresh rate info in that because its a monitor in there. it can handle PC refresh.


In the end, I've dumped an entire HDD image of the original machine.

Ive then used GPARTED to resize the 'songs' partition, and uploaded another 2000+ songs.


Im yet to actually test if it can handle USB boot on the machine, or if I'll need to install it INSIDE the machine, but we shall see. Fingers crossed this works out though :) been quite the learning curve.

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Afer reading your thread...


There's a few things you have not mentioned.


Grub command line for setting vga size before X starts, this works for lilo aswell.

640x480 800x600 1024x768 1280x1024 1600x1200 Ask user at boot
8 bits 	vga=769 vga=771 vga=773  vga=775   vga=796   vga=ask
16 bits	  vga=785 vga=788 vga=791  vga=794   vga=798   vga=ask
32 bits	  vga=786 vga=789 vga=792  vga=795   vga=799   vga=ask

A way to demand a particular X(org) graphics driver at the Grub command line

vesa, and amd, nvidia framebuffers (fb)


This will stop the kernel loading a free driver, which blocks the loading of the proprietary driver when X starts, for instance.


I have found LinuxMint to be very friendly when it came to setting up a small/old box, and configuring it like my main box. Gateway firewalled server desktop GamesBox.


It only has an Intel onboard graphics, but still plays movies and songs and linux games.


burning/copying an iso to usb


In GNU/Linux I use dd for all this demo stuff with distos.

sudo dd if=/home/glenn/Downloads/kubuntu-13.04-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdd


Looks like a great project. I'll keep a look out.

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