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Motion simulation

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Latley i have been researching building a motion racing simulator, there are many different types and designs based on how many degrees of freedom you want (DOF) usually 2,3,or 6DOF

I want a 3DOF.... eventually a 6DOF (full motion sim)



There many different ways to power these things ranging from :


Hydrualic - Damn expensive but the most fluid motion

Pnumatic - expensive and hard to controll pressures

Linear actuators - Need to move quick and therefore expensive $500 + each for 150mm travel so 75mm either way.

12v Worm drive\gear motor - Reasonably cheap high torque, low noise ,power is somewhere inbetween a wiper motor and a winch.

12v Winch motor - Very effective with lots of torque through its reduction gearbox but by far the loudest.

12v Car windscreen wiper motor - Many great success storys with these but platform needs to be mounted at almost perfect center of gravity, if not motor gears wear out quick (only last 6-12 mths anyway).


The 12v DC stuff is by far cheaper than AC gear and i'll be using it fo' sure


Im sure there is people in this forum that will know ALOT more than me about the electrics and how this all works but i'll lay it out in lamen terms as i see it.


Geting the signal from the game to the motor can be quiet expensive , this starts with software extracting telemetry data from the game and comverting it into feedback signals sent to a motor controller (in my case i'll be going the easiest option $100 ea, 1 per motor) and set with a 5k or 10k potentiometer so the PC knows what position the motor is at any given time.

I'm told this motor controller\driver can run @ 14v at 30 amps continuous all day powered by a 500+watt PC PSU


So just in electrics alone for a 3DOF motion platform it'll look like

3x worm drive $110 each

3x motor controller $100 each

3x 500w+ Psu that can do 40+amp peaks ... $100 ea ?

3x 5k or 10k potentiometer $5 each?

cables and stuff should take it to just under $1000

then theres the mechanical parts...


This is the basic concept of a 3DOF setup that will be refined

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


Being a noob to all this motion jazz I have contacted a few people from various forums and come to the conclution that my current rig is too heavy to do 2 or 3DOF without blowing some serious cash on motors.


To do a 3DOF platform i need to basicly build another sim rig out of something a bit lighter than the steel i used for the last rig and also redesign to keep it ridgid but light.




So just to get my head around how it all works (hardware and software wise) before going all out and building a motion platform I have decided to just add 1DOF to my static rig...arguably the best motion, Traction loss




This will be my running worklog and WARNING it may take months to complete.


I dont have anything on paper yet as its all in my head but will post drawings\pics as i draw\take them.


Just to try and paint you a mental image

Im thinking of mounting my current rig on a heavy duty bearing (think car wheel bearing) say 500mm infront of the pedals to get a pivot point similar to a real car in relation to traction loss.

Then puting the back on bearing rails or skateboard wheels to have it free moving side to side limited to 200m travel either direction.


Then using a worm drive motor with a simple lever system with threaded rod add ball joints to move it all side to side.


Which should roughly cost me:

1x worm drive $110

1x motor controller $100

1x 5k or 10k potentiometer $5?

Already got a HX 650 PSU sitting here

mechanical parts (ball joints ect) guessing $50-60


$265-275 to go sideways in grid and get my lap times down in iracing by being able to feel when the car is about to break traction.


cheapish hobby just got pricey but should be awsome when finished.





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