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Advice on Case and CPU Cooler please...

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Been reading about people using push/pull for better performance. Maybe I should have bought the h100i, but to be honest I had a bad gut feeling regarding water cooling. I think that people that have had all these issues with it has put me off. And I thought that aircooling is so simple and just works.

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I'm curious about what you concerns are with water cooling.


I have heard that the warranty does not cover other damage, but then, thats what household insurance is also for.


many here use liquid cooling day in, day out 24/7. specific questions or statements usually get a good responce.

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yes I know people do use them. Many people get them for overclocking purposes but since I'm not overclocking I thought I might as well avoid a few issues.

I've read in forums how many people have RMAed their h80i or h100i for various issues. Pump not sitting well on some motherboards (plenty of videos on youtube). The pump not sounding healthy, the fans being loud.

Some have had various issues with the Corsair Link software.


But then ofcourse there are many people who have had no issues at all. And I'm only talkibg about the corsair hydro series coolers. Corsair is a top company, and I use their RAM and PSUs.


I could have looked into other brands for water cooling, but I would have had to spend a lot more to get a good cooling system.


I also noticed that many younger people get them, they overclock and they are all excited about the figures, charts, temps etc. I don't feel like that. I don't need the extra few temp drops (cause we are not talking about a huge difference from good aircoolers) to brag about in forums. I just want a system to work, hassle free.


There is a big debate regarding air-coolers vs water-coolers. Especially the closed loop systems like the corsair hydro series. In many cases high end air coolers out-perform these closed loop water coolers.

The custom water cooling systems are in a different class all together. But then again, they are used more or less for extreme overclocking experiments and looks.


So after reading alot in forums and reviews, I thought that I might just be better off with a cooler that just gets mounted and works. No firmware updates and performance resutls to worry about. No RMA leaving me without a PC for a few weeks.


anyway. Going to pick up my Noctua NH-U12S today from the coorier, the new HAF XB case should be here by tomorrow, and I'll have a new setup for my birthday :)

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