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Dive club web based boat roster solution

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I'm considering building a web page to help roster boats and places for a small not for profit dive club.

The club currently is using a mailing list to do this but I would like to see if I can streamline the process a little.

The club uses members private boats to take divers to dive sites and each boat can normally hold from 2-5 people


Concept: Web based roster of scheduled dive days with locations, times, available boats and available places on boats.


Ideal requirements:

1: Based on LAMP stack or similar

2: Free of cost other than hosting, I'd like to host on my own server if possible

3: 4 levels of access - Administrator (site maintenance), Dive-master (Has overall responsibility for a given days activity), Boat Captains (place/remove boat on available list with meeting point & destination & other details and approve bookings on boat), Other club members (request place on boat)

4: EASY for members to use

5: The lower the maintenance the better once operational

6: Optional: emailing of schedule & bookings status to a mailing list

7: username/password access restricted to club members


Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can use to set this up?

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Your project has fairly specific requirements so it's not likely that there will be an off the shelf solution.


Are you looking for recommendations for complete solutions, platforms you can build the solution yourself or a overview of how to build it?


Also are there any regulatory requirements around tracking who did what? Particularly around the dive master and who is in control for a particular dive.

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Yeah those are fairly specific, i don't think you would be able to find something unless you went custom or patched a whole bunch of stuff together.

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No Regulatory requirements SledgY.

The list is for an ideal but I'm happy to try to alter some PHP etc to make something suit.

I'm just looking to streamline the way the clubs boat owners and divers organize who want's a place on which boat on a Thursday/Friday for Saturday morning.


It's no more than a variation on car pooling really.


The DM nominates the dive site/s and boat ramp.

Boat owners who have places volunteer x no of seats on their boat.

Divers Put their hand up as wanting a seat on a boat.


If I can get something close I can try hacking it to fit.

I'm not up to date on this stuff so I'm hoping to leverage someone's knowledge on what is already out there.

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I think I'm on the right trail finally.

Googled 'resource scheduling' and started coming up with a few candidates such as phpScheduleIt .


General purpose scheduling app that I may be able to tailor to my needs.

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