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Unlocking a "Read Only" USB Flash

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Does anyone know how to unlock a flash drive that claims to be "read only"? Before you ask, no, there isn't a phsyical switch on the drive to set it to read only.


The drive we're having problems with used to be a regular USB flash drive. But now it claims to be read-only and I can't even format it or repair it with scandisk. I think the problem started when it was plugged in to my dad's old laptop when it went to blue-screen with a critical memory failure - pretty much the red flag that told him it was dying and he needed a new one. I think whatever glitch occurred while the flash drive was plugged in must've triggered some deep internal setting in the drive that switched it from a read/write drive to a read only one.


The data that was on the drive at the time is completely accessable and seems to be intact - we just can't change the drive's contents in any way. Does anyone know how to get deep enough into the drive's configuration to undo whatever's been done to it?

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Only two things MIGHT save you.


The HP USB format tool. Its the closest to a true low level format you'll get on a windows machine:



The other would be to run the U3 tool over it. If it was originally a U3 drive, its poissible the normal partition got fuxed, and only the u3 remains, and this what you're seeing.




If thosedont work, try this guide


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