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what does all this stuff mean?

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aliali, you're right.



Though it is my honest opinion that there is no accounting for bad hardware. Ive dealt with a LOT of those thompson things. Horrid. A lot are underclocked for heat reasons, and often have poor EMI shielding.


meow; how are you about testing a new modem?

Pop into a DSE, pick up a new modem, test it over a weekend, see if it fixes the issues, if not, exercise your 7 day "any reason" refund.

or Officeworks.



Read: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2054600


Just allows you to try something out and eliminate the hardware as the issue. Some of these modems start to fail after 24 months or less; they're always on. so its worth trying a new one.

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update. well, not much of one.

Teslstra were to send out some one but they did n't. random drop out have sort of reduced in favoure of UDP flood drop outs.


Oct 11 19:08:33 IDS dos parser : tcp syn flood (1 of 1) : 0064 TCP 62764->48635 [s.....] seq 857462363 win 65535

Error Oct 11 19:08:33 IDS dos parser : udp flood (1 of 1) : 0058 UDP 49236->48635



some times it makes me want to cry. some times not so much.

i am not sure how I can stop my modem spazing when it gets this stuff.

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you cant.

If thats an older modem, its not expecting that much UDP data, its like trying to run Cysis on a Geforce2. There just isnt enough processing power.


Though, thats not whats happening IMO; its a UDP flood. meaning it thinks its being attacked. You have the built in firewall turned on it seems.


Its not LoL causing this


As the ports for LoL are 5000-5500, so you need to see whats running on port 49236, googling they're 'unassigned' officially, so it COULD be a trojan, but when you're as paranoid as you seem to be, the odds are microscopic.


Cloud services can cause this. So can any file sharing, theres a bunch of things.


turn off the modems firewall.



Man you love taking the hard way out dont ya? lol

I'd personally have just spent the $50 in a more modern router and had it over and done with in a second, lol.

But turn off all forms of firewalls and security on the modem.

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just to clarify, most of the time I just let the AV do it's "magic" and it;s fine. if asking questions about security when I do not understand what is going on and why, then maybe i'm paranoid.

Tonight, when not playing lol, everything was fine.


the firewall on the modem is off. infact everythign is off. upnp, firewall, Dynamic DNS, FTP, parent control. even made sure it was off and not just table empty, per instruction.


I googled "port 49236" and it's mostly stuff I do not understand.


and I do not have $50 in the budget. yes. I know it would solve stuff but at the moment I can either use the N55U or the thompson from telstra. both are exibiting drop outs.

yes, $50. 5 yo, 17yo, my birthday and my dads all in the next 6 weeks. and then christmas.





Right now the log says this every 10 minutes or so.


FIREWALL replay check (1 of 1): Protocol: ICMP Src ip: Dst ip: Type: Destination Unreachable Code: Host Unreacheable


which is just new gibberish, damn it.

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The firewall doesnt look to be off honestly.



I know this takes a lot of trust on your part, but does that modem have a remote web managment interface?

That is, a way for you to give me the password and IP address and administer it from here?

Most new ones do, just with the age I question it.


Also, that ICMP is a 'cant reach bigpond server'


Name: CPE-121-218-67-161.lnse4.ken.bigpond.net.au



Failing that, I could teamviewer your PC, so you can watch what I do.

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