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Multichannel flac to MP3 Surround?

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I've had an audio DVD on my shelf for ages and decided to listen to it again recently. Neat stuff. 5.1 surround music at 96kHz and 24 bits is a grand thing.


I then got wondering, how I could rip it to my PC for more frequent listening.

Searched around and found a wiki page showing how to use DVD-Audio Explorer to extract the tracks to my HDD.

I followed this and now have both the original wav and the converted flac files.


My question is, how might I go about converting either of these multi channel files types into mp3 surround format?

I understand MP3 surround is backwards compatible with regular mp3 players? (I'm thinking a single file that I can play via my phone as well as on my surround sound speakers on PC. Convenience factor mostly)


I'm not an audiophile 192kbps mp3s are 'good enough' for me usually, so ignoring sound quality, it it somehow possible?


I found something called Aud-X, but can't figure out how to use it, and it seems quite old too.



If this isn't possible, how might I down convert them to stereo using Dolby Pro Logic II?

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A quick google gave this forum thread:




Which seems to use a program called Channel Mixer to downmix the file, and presumably another program to export as mp3.


Personally I've no experience with multichannel FLAC, but I would open it in Audacity and try File>export as MP3.



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Thanks for the help Frunj.


Some more searching found the demo encoder Fraunhofer released when they announced the mp3 surround standard back in the day



Dodgy looking russian site but its the first place I found it at

AFAIK it's not illegal software (though is copyrighted), was distributed with their demo mp3 surround player demo software package back when they announced it.

Hopefully it's ok to link here.


The command line encoder seemed like it was going to work but after putting in all the switches it went to start then said that 96kHz formats aren't supported, but 44.1 and 48kHz are.


After some more searching around I found that Foobar2000 player can convert files too.

Stuck in the raw wavs, opened the conversion window and added in Presampler as a processor (set it to 48kHz), and outputted the wavs with no other alterations.


Then with the surround mp3 converter entered in a command like this for each file

C:\folder>mp3sEncoder.exe -if track-01-24-96000.wav -of track-01-24-48000.mp3 -br 0 -c 6 -res 24 -q 1 -m 1 -vbri
That encodes it using best vbr encoding, tells it source is 6 channels, 24bit, and to write vbr header (noticed players couldn't detect proper song length if that not added when using vbr)


And, by gum it works! :D


Initially played in in vlc and it was showing and playing as stereo, had me worried as vlc seems to play everything you throw at it. But playing it in winamp came out in glorious surround sound!

Haven't tried it on a phone or other 'dumb' mp3 players yet, but apparently its backwards compatible so it should be ok.


I think my objective has been met.

Hopefully this helps someone else out on the interwebs.

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Nice, glad you got it working. If Windows Media Player will play it, damn near anything will :P

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