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Just Registered my First Domain Name

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I just registered my first domain name and have local hosting setup with VentraIP on their month to month $7.95 economy deal. It seemed like a good price for local hosting and local support and should have more than enough room for me to move.


No idea where to go from here, but I'm sure I'll work it out. I've been playing with Wordpress.com for a few weeks and quickly found it's limits so want to switch to self hosted Wordpress.org. This is my first step in that process. Ventra advertise easy Wordpress installations so hopefully that turns out to be true.


No specific questions, but any and all advice is welcome. :)

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I have had some experience with VentraIP and encountered several hiccups (though not uncommon for any web host to have a few). For a few basic website I think you'll probably be fine, but I started to run into issues with speed (even with little traffic), random SSL errors, and email problems. This was for a client, and currently in the process of moving to a different host. So, it depends on what your plans are for the website. If you want to run a secure store or custom Wordpress site I would put in a contingency plan (to move to another host). "enough room... to move", ummm, no.


Wordpress and other CRM systems are very easy to setup on 'self' / shared hosting. Watch a few Youtube videos on the installation of Wordpress - just some simple database setup and uploading of files, not much more to it. Plenty of plugins available. Learn some CSS and HTML to customise your theme and you'll be off and cooking for some time.

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Hey thanks for the info. Sorry to hear about the issues you've had with ventraip. I'm certainly starting small so will hopefully avoid too many problems. If it gets busy and I find problems occurring I'm more than happy to move. It may never get past the project stage so for now I'll just see how we go.


I used installatron to install wordpress last night and I've now got a public front page and admin login. It really was very straight forward and only took me about half an hour or so. I'm going to install an "in construction" plugin so the world doesn't have to watch me fumble through the build process, so working out how to install plugins is my next project.


I also got my email account setup which was a bit confusing but seems to be working. The incoming and outgoing servers given to me by ventraip are different to those given to me within cpanel. I've used the ones from cpanel and I think it's working. I can send and receive emails from that address anyway.

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