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Building a Windows Appliance

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I've been doing the rounds of the relos lately, fixing their PC problems. Patching the OS and programs, removing a gazillion IE toolbars, replacing dodgy disks, etc.


A while ago I remember having a discussion here about building a 'PC Appliance', i.e. configuring Windows in such a way that allows a PC to be usable for the usual e-mail & web browsing, while minimizing the damage users could do by inadvertently installing a lot of needless shit while at the same time ensuring that needed updates and virus definitions happen as required.


Of course different people have different expectations and needs so it won't be a 'one size fits all' solution, but, there must be some standard apps you'd install, configuration changes you'd make to help those less computer savy than the average Atomican.


Maybe it's an impossible task beyond installing an anti-virus, but I figured folks here might have some good ideas on what can be achieved.


What I'd like to do is to put together a list of 'stuff' that we would recommend.


So put your thinking caps on, imagine you're running a business setting up PCs for pensioners and let us know what you'd do.

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Comodo timemachine.

Take a snapshop that gets reapplied to C drive on reboot.

Move user documents to D drive, and DONT roll this drive back.


This way, the worst that can happen is a corrupted profile.


Though as much as windows is familiar, Ubuntu comes loaded with everything a home "email and internet only" user needs, and is a great solution. If you load an old system to the guts with ram, and load the entire CD into a ramdrive at boot, You've never used anything quicker either!

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Perhaps setting up proper accounts with limited security and restricted access?

There are usually ways around this, but for the casual users, should it should be good enough to prevent installation of programs or any other modification to the file system.

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What MS said, or a chromebook.


Linux is the way to go, but i want to see the other solutions people come up with

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