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Linux for use as POS system

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Hey guys


I've recently built a very basic system for my store to use as a POS system.


Its a sempron le-145, 4 gb ram, 500 gb hdd, wifi card, everything else is on the motherboard. i cant remember what that is.

It'll have a touchscreen, cash drawer and thermal printer attached.


im looking for a easy to use version of linux to run it, does any one have any recommendations?


also are there many, if any, pos softwares out for linux?

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Thank you for that



Are there any versions of Linux that you would recommend? I used a few different distros about 6-7 years ago and haven't been back since, I have no idea whats good and whats not.


Yes, I know I'm a pain in the arse, just before anyone says anything...


EDIT: downloading Ubuntu now

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well a quick google led me to this, I don't know what your requirements are but this seems to cover all of the bases I could think of.



it will run on ubuntu, or one of it's variations eg. kubuntu, lubuntu, xubuntu and this probably also includes mint, but ubuntu and mint will be less 'snappy' on your old hardware, so I would recommend a lighter distro like xubuntu.

it's packaged for debian so you could really run any debian based OS but stick to something common if you are inexperienced, and if you have trouble a quick google will usually find you a solution.


there are installation instructions on their website, but they aren't very good. It looks like you will be somewhat on your own so be prepared to do some learning.

so to get you started, download the deb file, then run sudo dpkg -i lemonpos_0.9.4rc8-1_amd64__natty.deb for example.


it looks kind of our of date tho, no new release since 2011.. i would say try it out, even inside a VM if you want (virtualbox) and if it sucks, keep looking.

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install a *buntu flavor as it'll get you the most support available online.

and yeah lemonPOS sounds neat.


If that doesnt work, surely you have $100 you can claim on tax for a windows purchase for the machine.

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