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RemoteApp Crash

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Does anyone know how users can terminate their own crashed RemoteApp session?


Basically we find that if an application hangs on the terminal server via RemoteApp, the user cannot get access to close or restart it, and so they cannot use the application via RemoteApp until an admin forcibly closes the process or their session.


Maybe something outside of the box, like another RemoteApp application to force close?


Any other ideas?

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Without knowing your security requirements its hard to suggest.

Most secure would be a macro recorder which listens for Port Knocking: Ive had one in the past buy my google fu is failing me.


These apps are run under the user account? There is no harm in allowing RDP access through something like 2X, so they can log in themselves.

Even as a guest, as long as THEY launched it, THEY can close it. (and if they didnt, give them permission)


You could simply try a tool like this on the server:



Thats about all I can come up with, with limited info about how you're running, and what security you need in place.

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Thanks, that's given me some ideas.


I have to take a generic approach to this, I'm a dev just looking to try and advise a variety of sites who use our software in this way, (it's legacy, and unfortunately it does crash sometimes).

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Then yeah, I'd look at something like a VB script.

Without knowing your software;


I'd find an unimportant command that you can send, that gets a result. (txt file update, or something).

basically end up scripting that IF that change doesnt happen, terminate the program, and relaunch the program.


So, say, write to a log file every minute. If the 'modified' date doesnt change, terminate and relaunch app.

I'm shooting blindly here; but you said I gave you some ideas, so thats a good thing :)


Looking at the RestartOnCrash app, that looks to be quite similar to how it runs, but on a more subtle level.....

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