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Is it possible to forcibly change a partition style?

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I'm just in the process of chucking Win7 on my new machine; Windows onto the 180Gb SSD, no worries. However, it stuck its 100Mb 'System Reserved' onto a brand new 4Tb HDD - no biggie, I'm not going to begrudge 100Mb off that (although I'd have preferred it if it had carved a piece off the SSD for that), but what's ripping me is that the 4Tb now has an MBR style partition, effectively denying me half the drive! And, because there's system info on the drive, Windows won't allow me to change it to GPT :o(


Any ideas?


About the only thing I can think of is to partially strip the machine down, disconnect the two 4Tb HDDs and reinstall Windows with only the SSD in play and then reconnect the HDDs again. Hopefully that'll let me clean it and convert to it GPT... Hopefully, as I don't really want to remove the drive completely and format it in an external enclosure.

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Should be able to do it by disconnecting both HDDs and leaving only the SSD connected. Boot from the Windows DVD and do a boot repair.


Windows does not "need" the boot stuff on a separate partition to work. Ok once you have the SSD booting reconnect both large HDDS and making 100% sure the PC is still booting from the SSD boot in to windows and you should then be able to delete all partitions on the large HDDs via computer management > Disk management> and create your new partitions.

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