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Device for Old Man?

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I'm after a device for my wife's grandfather. He is 65 and basically has zero idea about computers and using them. My wife's going to teach him a bit but he's still gonna need something simple. Basic functions including Internet access, and as cheap as possible too. I was thinking Microsoft RT Surface, looks quite simple, has all the basics, and is cheap. Anyone agree or got another idea?



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I'd really need to know more about his needs before giving a solid recommendation.


How important is portability?

What, specifically, are his needs?

- Does he need Internet access?

- Does he need office productivity beyond Google Docs / Office Web?

- Does he need e-mail?

- Does he need PC-like capabilities?


I'm thinking that there are three main recommendations, depending on his particular needs:

(1) Nexus 7 2013 / iPad Mini. If his eyesight is still good and portability is important, but he doesn't need much more than a portal to online stuff, and take-anywhere portability is important it's hard to go past this one.

(2) Surface RT (or Surface 2 if there's no rush). If he wants to ease himself into using a modern PC, he pretty much can't stuff this machine up if he makes a mistake. He can learn what it means to "save it onto a USB stick" or "upload the photos from your camera" in a very PC-like context.

(3) Zenbook - ASUS' ultrabooks are excellent little machines, and can easily conform to any notions of what a PC "should" be that he may have picked up. Still very portable, and naturally quite capable. An i3 should be fine for basic use, and a 2012 model should be quite cheap if you can find one!

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