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Windows 8.1

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Has anyone experienced the wifi issues known to happen with 8.1?


ie, using your wifi happily when BAM KAPOW, you maintain your connection to the router but lose internet connectivity, as shown in windows by a 'limited connectivity' yellow thing on top of the wireless icon in the system tray?



Really bugging the shit out of me, because I'm mostly relying on wifi to my laptop while overseas. Appears pretty randomly - when browsing web pages, things just don't load for a minute until refreshed. Games will drop the connection from timing out. Streaming anything, especially youtube, is asking for trouble before it finishes.



I've heard new 8.1 specific drivers can help, but the best I can find for my 2011 Lenovo are drivers for the same/similar wifi card but for a more recent laptop model. They sort of install ok but don't fix it.



Just as a heads up for people considering the upgrade.

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