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Creative Suite or Cloud?

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This is not something that I'm across so while I'm digging out the details I thought I'd ask those here who might be in the know :)


Our daughter has just started freelancing in web/multimedia design (graduated yesterday, yay!). As her first project the school she is working for has installed CS6 on her Mac under their licence agreement. At the end of her project they will remove the software as is appropriate. Given that this software are a part of her 'tools of trade', it seems pretty obvious to me that she will need it in between gigs where the customer provides the software. I'm assuming this will be the exception, not the norm.


So I start looking into the product structure and straight off the bat walk into the religious war of CS6 versus Creative Cloud. Which way to go?


I know the question is 'how long is a piece of string?', but any advice would be appreciated.


From what I've gathered so far, as a minimum she needs the Design & Web Premium version. If we go down the CS6 path, it's a perpetual licence but it will be last major release so no more major updates/upgrades. If we go down the CC path then you are paying a subscription every month (can this be turned on and off at will?).


From a price perspective I'm not sure there is a great difference, assuming that there will be major improvements/changes in 3-4 years or so. If that's the case then if we go down the CS6 path it will be time to by something new of move to a subscription model. If we go down the subscription model from the start then we always have the latest and greatest - but so what?


I'm looking at this because we want to buy it for her as a graduation gift but I'm not sure which way to go.


If you've looked at this I'd love your thoughts!

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I'm not sure exactly what your daughter will be doing, but she probably doesn't need any of those.


The only thing she really might need from the Adobe creative suite is Photoshop. That's only if she does photo editing. Otherwise, I've made a list of alternatives which are worth checking out. Most people in the circles I work in use a combination of these:


Graphic Design

Photoshop --> Sketch2 / May need to continue to use Photoshop


Vector Design

Fireworks --> Sketch2

Illustrator --> Sketch2


Print Design

InDesign --> Sketch2


Document Creation

Acrobat --> Sketch2


Text Editing

Dreamweaver --> Sublime Text 3



Flash --> Sublime Text 3 / Google Web Designer



In terms of designing, Sketch or Photoshop is used. Illustrator and Fireworks also used to be popular, but Sketch is much cheaper and is quite simple to use.


For text editing, Sublime Text 3 is a much better choice than Dreamweaver. It's cheaper, simpler, faster, and more extensible.


For animation, very few people use Flash at all anymore (Wiley and Sons continue to use it in the CD's they put in the back of textbooks). JavaScript and Canvas rule the day and are part of an open web. Most people hand code the animation, but Google has just released their Web Designer tool which should make it easier if you are not so technically savvy.



That said, the hardest part about freelancing isn't about your tools. It's not even about how good your skills are. It's about finding work.

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Holy shit my favorite mudkip is back!

How goes that eye? Post more often! :D





On topic, I have a strong hatred for cloud software. Yes, it often saves money, but you get nothing for your time.

no hard copy to keep backed up, no paper licence, nothing to sell on when you're finished with it.


Just like the itunes revolution. for about 50% the price of a CD, you can have 10% of what you get at full price... wait what?

Lyrics booklet, hardcopy for backups, case to display on the shelf, something to sell on, or loan to someone without being called a pirate.


Software may be a bad example, as its a tool; so maybe I should rethink... its more about music and movies, but in my mind the same philosophy applies overall; If im giving you money, I want stuff.


Really, the new cloud is much cheaper, yeah, but too much online integration gives me the heebies and I'd prefer to activate once, and be done with it.

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Oh, and to answer your question: Creative Cloud is better. While Master Scythe is right in that you obviously don't get to own an actual copy, you do get updates a lot quicker and if you're wanting to use the latest version (you usually will be) it makes sense. Photoshop on it's own is about $30 a month IIRC.

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