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What Fans Do You Use ?

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My Corsair 800D is now three year old and the stock fans make a bit of noise when they first start up so I am going to replace them. Three x 140mm fans.


PC CaseGear 140mm fan link



In the past I have used Noctua fans, but at $29.00 each from PC CaseGear they are expensive. Also noticed that their warranty period has dropped from 7 to 6 years. Still a good period but have they dropped their quality?


I notice that Artic Cooling are selling for $15.00 and use the same fluid bearings that I gather are the best bearing type. They also offer a limited 6 year warranty, but I have never used these.


A lot of brands do not list warranty length or MTBF so hard to gauge how long they will last.


The BitFenix Spectre Pro 140mm Black Fan @ $19.00 looks OK and has the fluid bearing, but no warranty or MTBF listed. Silverstone Air Penetrator looks good but appears to have unsleeved coloured leads and molex connectors that will spoil the all black case interior. Secondary consideration I know but would prefer all black for $22.00 each.


I would also like black Fan and black sleeved cables to keep the inside of the case all black, but this is a secondary consideration. Connectors to be three pin not molex.



Also how do you wire up your fans? I would like to reduce some of the wiring and noticed that there are molex to 6 and 9 three pin connectors. So how many fans should you really run off one molex connector? 6 and 9 seems a lot to me.


I use Demci air filters and have noticed that lot of fans do not pull or push air through filters very well. Noctua and Silverstone air penetrators seem to work well with filters, but a lot of stock fans like the corsair, Lian Li and CoolerMaster do not move much air through filters.


So your experiences with fan type and life span and performance would be appreciated. Lots of articles on the web but a lot of conflicting information. Looks like a lot of people have specific needs and like certain brands. Also most tests do not use filters during the testing.





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Silverstone make great fans. I use them on everything that my delta's won't work on.

Bitfenix has had some very bad fan reviews.


Although uncomplete, http://www.overclock.net/t/1321074/tator-t...mm-fan-round-up has all the information you will ever need on fans.

A good article that one. Shame the testing was not completed though.


Regards MarkL

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its a shame that 140mm fans don't have the range of 120mm yet, still too many cases using 120mm. im using bitfenix spectres pro fans (140mm), with LEDs, and a bitfenix hydra fan controller which allows me to toggle the LEDs and also run the fans at the lowest possible speed. i have 5 that im using for intake/rad fans and i don't use any case fans at all to keep things silent.


i didn't pick these for any specific reason, but they perform well, they are average priced not the most expensive, i like optional toggle for the LEDs and they have a decent CFM rating compared to most other fans.

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For filtered intake, you really need a high static pressure fan. These are the ones used most with watercooling radiators, which include Scythe models (Gentle Typhoons are a decent choice) and SilverStone Air Penetrators as an okay one.


Aim for a static pressure of higher than 1.0mm/H20.


You'll do best to avoid sleeve bearing at all costs; aim for ball bearing at a minimum, rifle bearing then fluid. Maglev doesn't seem to feature much at larger fan sizes.


As for wiring I always wire my fans to extension cables and a fan controller so I can quieten my PC when I'm not gaming. I wouldn't worry about running fans off a molex adapter, they don't draw enough power to be concerning. Maybe if you had 20+ fans on one line but it's not really a problem for a good quality power supply.


Eg a 140mm fan that draws 0.2A at 12v will only use 2.4 watts of power, so 20 fans is 48 watts. GPUs draw much more power off a single molex > pcie adapter.

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