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Proof? (1st V3 poem from me)

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Maybe someone out there will like this poem more than I do. At the very least perhaps it will provoke feedback?






I lacerate my eyeballs

Jealous of the smiles of men

Images of love divine

Are as torture to my black soul


Electricity drips from fingertips

Into a raging undertow

Relativity demands submission

I'll keep my feelings to myself


An opening suggestion

Competes with closing questions

Vying for my sole attention

As I collide with a lost dimension


A realm of opportunity

A haven for the delicate truth

Close your eyes so you might see

The inhabitants of infinity


A mere one inquiry remains:

Is existence proof of itself?

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Yeah- busted :(


Was giving me the right shits, so I forced it out to enable myself to move on


Next time, perhaps :)

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