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GGF LAN Party - BYO PC - Date: Saturday 23rd Nov 2013

250 spots

09:00 AM to 11PM

Cost: - $15.00 full day

Address: Cnr Gympie Road & Mecklem Street, Strathpine, 4500


Booths which will be at this event include


- Asus ROG Booth


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- Hardwired PC Booth


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- Gibztech running Server Challenge Comp





- PerformanceGaming Booth and Store


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Other comps during the day that don't require you to bring your PC

- Server Challenge (hosted by Gibztech) more info @ Click Me

- Team Fortress 2 1v1 Hot seat Comp - Supported by Ozone Gaming Gear

- Hardwired PC mini comps - Run be Hardwired PC Click Me

- Quake 1v1 Comp - Hosted by PerformanceGaming Click Me


What we provide


- Network cables for every attendee (hit us up if you require more than one or 10 Gigabit)

- 2 GPO's per attendee

- 1 table spot per attendee

- 1 padded chair per attendee


- A variety of drinks will be on sale during the day as well as a pizza run around 5:30pm


Facebook Page: Click Me

Facebook Event: Click Me


Everything you need to know about this event can be found @ http://events.ggflan.com

If you are considering attending the event on Nov 23rd, please register @ http://events.ggflan.com/event



- For the professional CS:GO 5v5 competition, signups can be found here: Click Me or check out Click Me



- Lucky Door Prize Click Me

- Competitions for this event are: Click Me

- To see all the gear up for grabs check out Click Me (updated daily)

- Performance Gaming store will be open as usual

- We would like to thank all of our sponsors for supporting GGF you can check them all out here: Click Me


- For more info please email events@ggflan.com or stuart.ggf@gmail.com

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