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Headphones for Movies and some gaming.

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I am in the market for a new set of headphones and would like some recommendations.


Budget is between $100-$250 but will go higher if its really worth the additional cost. I will be running the headphone from an Av Receiver too.


Mainly to be used for watching movies and for some gaming. No need for a Micraphone as I have a desk mic that does the job nicely.


Looking forward to suggestions.



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This place is always worth a look: http://headphones.com.au/pbrowse?catID=1


One day I will likely buy some of these: http://headphones.com.au/psingle?productID=178


Or these: http://headphones.com.au/psingle?productID=834


If you have somewhere near where you live with a range to try on, definitely do that...


Sorry not more specific with suggestions...it's a broad field!


Happy shopping :)

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