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need storage HDD - the consfuse

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Hello brethren,


Need to purchase a 3TB hdd for my HTPC this weekend. Have been network sharing my movie/shows collection from my office PC to the lounge room and it's a pain the the arse. Would rather keep the files stored locally on the htpc as I very rarely watch anything on my main rig.


Looking at Umart, I'm after one of the cheaper models and have little to no idea what the best choice would be re speed and reliability (would rather it not fail in a couple of years), I still have old 80gig IDE HDD's that tick along just fine.


The choices =


http://umart.com.au/pro/products_listnew.p...9&sid=87769 (this one is on special)




http://umart.com.au/pro/products_listnew.p...4&sid=98805 (Enhances data storage reliability in video security systems = WTF?)


http://umart.com.au/pro/products_listnew.p...4&sid=76408 (What the feck does green mean?)


.... They're all the same aren't they?



Really appreciate any guidance.



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Hey Nixxon,


The first two drives are very similar, only differing in manufacturer. They're at 7200RPM and performance will be basically identical.


The 'surveillance' drive presumably is tweaked for an always-recording set of cameras; i.e. for video writing to disc. It's way overkill for your needs.


Any drive with 'green' branding generally means it runs at or around 5400RPM, using less power and generating less heat to do so (being supposedly quieter but this can vary by manufacturer). The real-world implications are that data transfers take slightly longer (writing and reading) and also latency is up, but for HTPC use it's fine as streaming a vid doesn't take much bandwidth.


So to sum up, a 7200RPM drive would be nice for a boot / OS drive, but for data storage and streaming a green drive is fine.

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Frunj, you didnt cover the most important drive you can get RED drives.



They're basically designed for home server use. While WD never officially confirmed or denied it, I have from good sources (this being major server management people running PIPE, and a few big money gaming servers) that they're enterprise drives; the same ones sold to 'always on high end servers'. They simply keep the cost down by offering a shorter warranty and for the sake of desktop motherboards, flash a more simple firmware.


While I don't know for certain if every word is true, what I do know is I'm yet to read about a bad batch of RED drives, and they were good enough for hundreds of gaming servers worldwide to shut down over night, on the day of release, to swap drives over.


From benchmarks ive seen they generally perform better than GREEN drives, not quite as well as Black\Gaming\Performance drives (since they dont care about noise at all).



Basically, since you're using it in a HTPC for serving videos and maybe recording TV, you just want the lowest power, quietest, and cheapest drive you can get.

That'd be a GREEN drive.

Though, if the 'cheapest' is to be substituted with 'reliable' then, thats the RED.


Hope we've helped :)

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