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OCZ RMA experience

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Hi guys!


With the hoo-haa with OCZ and their financial woes, I thought I'd share my recent experiences with their RMA department in Taiwan. This is the abridged version, with an OCZ Octane S2 drive


* 13/12/2013 PM - Contacted OCZ via their website to report problems with my drive (intermittently not detecting, won't clone etc)

* 18/12/2013 - after a couple of days doing basic troubleshooting (not including the weekend), OCZ offer to replace the drive with a Vertex 4 128GB refurbished. Sweet!

* 19/12/2013 - My tight-arse posts the drive to OCZ direct in Taiwan using cheapest possible international shipment from Perth - approx $18 or so.

* 27/12/2013 - OCZ's RMA website advises the drive has been received

* 28/12/2013 - OCZ's webiste advises the replacement Vertex 4 has been posted! UPS tracking says I should receive it COB 02/01/2014

* 30/12/2013 - Drive received! The only indication that this is a refurb is the sticker on the box outside! Inside is everything exactly like brand new, even down to the 'I Love my OCZ SSD' sticker!


So, props to OCZ for their swift response times and significant upgrade! I'm sure returning the drive to the Australian retailer would have dragged on a fair bit longer, especially over Christmas.

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