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Thanks gamble


The northern lights were from the DSLR. 25 sec exposure. My wife tried taking a photo with her iPhone but it was just a black screen - lol.


You could definitely see them with the naked eye but the camera, with the kind of time will definitely show them stronger.


The wind was coming in very strong that night so it was a case of setting up the camera with a 2 sec timer and bracing the tripod. Couldn't do it for long as my fingers were freezing.


It's not like that all the time. There is a site which gives you a good indication of the likelihood of aurora activity. On a scale of 1-10, that was what they were forecasting as a 3.


I saw some people's photos of stronger ones. A lot more reds and they looked spectacular.


In the 11 days I was there, there were really only 2 nights that weren't covered in cloud around where we were. You can see the clouds in the shots I have but it was still amazing to see.


On the one above, my wife an I drove out of Reykjavik and pretty much waited in the dark for about 20 mins I think before it started to appear.


This one is from the point we first saw it. It went over the top and "curtained" over to the one I posted above. The one above is also picking up some light pollution from Reykjavik.





This one was from the first night when I was driving around in the dark trying to find a place to stop. Stupid me didn't crank the ISO up enough and you really couldn't see this with the naked eye. It was stronger to the left of me though at times and that was definitely visible.




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All of these pictures are AMAZING! I especially love the butterfly ones and the 2nd iceland shot, something about the peace of them just makes it feel right.

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Those aurora shots are amazing. I tried running your first one through a plate solver to match the stars but no luck.

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