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14.1 Beta fun times...

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So after many cleans and retries and even trying to install the 13.12 stable drivers i get the same issue


Between the time of the catalyst software getting to the 'Finished' screen and the time windows 8.1 needs to restart to finish the process, it freezes. So currently running 1/2 installed drivers and unable to do much else other then Google to no avail, i just keep trying.


My setup is in my signature and like I said running Windows 8.1


FYI: wanting to run the 14.1s for Mantle for BF4.


My process as been as follows:

1. Driver Sweep

2. Restart

3. Attempt to install Catalyst (choose either 14.1 or 13.12)

4. Computer freeze after the 'Finished' window pops up (after screen flicking and progression bars)

5. Waiting... Waiting... Waiting... Waiting...

6. Doesn't un-freeze

7. Manually hit the restart button.

8. Check to see if i can see the Catalyst install anywhere - not found

9. Return to step 1.

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Hi there.


Sorry to hear you’re having issues with you catalyst driver installation.

I had no issues getting the 14.1 drivers on my system which is an i5 with a 7950 and Windows 8.1 but I am not running in Xfire.

I know when I was running an Xfire setup I sometimes had issues installing driver packages.

1 trick was to take 1 of the cards out before installing.

That worked most of the time.


EDIT. Of course put the card back in the system after you have had a successful driver install.


PS i need to update my sig that was my old system.

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