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is it possible to maintain a secondry video output when unplugging the HDMI Lead

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I was wondering if it ispossible to force windows XP to always maintain the secondry video ouput on my computer?

I have 2 computers running windows XP with Geforce 210 video cards, VGA plugs into the PC Monitor and the HDMI outputs plug into the an automated A/V switcher. But when the switching is done, windows will drop the video signal from the PC it is switching from, and when it switches back, windows will try and reconfigure it, but this doesnt work seemlessly.

I am using an Nvidia Geforce 210 graphics card with the VGA plugged into the pc monitor and the HDMI plugged into the switcher.

The Nvidia control panel help file mentions something about forcing EDID detection for a workstation, but I cannot find this anywhere.

I have also read that the "Force TV detection" option only works with S-Video or Composite video connections.


Is there another program I can run, or something that I can do so that when the switching is done both computers will continue to maintain the secondry output settings?


I have also tried this with windows 7 but you switch from and then back to the computer running windows 7 it seems to have a "hissy fit" and tries to clone the desktop to the TV....

I am using Version 310.90 of the nvidia drivers, and would like to try and stick with these due to compatibility issues with a program I have on my PC with other drivers.


Thanks for any help.... or putting me out of my misery and confirming this cant be done.

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Like you said, the force tv option only works with a TV out and that is the only way I can think of to force a secondary display to stay that way after the primary goes.

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