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Slow Sync Issues

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I got a new Billion 7800 modem today, courtesy of my mum (it was impacting my ability to work, I couldnt afford it and would have been screwed if someone couldn't pay for it). My net was fucked from wednesday night right through to this afternoon, internode wanted me to replace my modem as well, so I did, hooked it up this afternoon, synced at 5.8mbps (which is what my net used to sync at before it started acting up), I then had a quick play with SnR settings and got it to sync at 6.8mbps, seems stable so far, been good for the last few hours, will leave a download running overnight and see how it goes, but everything is looking good.


M_S, punch your address in here to see what exchanges are near you.



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dont you love SnR tweaks? lol. Billion seems to have amazing error handling too, so even with errors, 99% of mine are listed as 'correctable' in stats.


We told ya ;)

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