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Bloody cyclists!

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In this case I don't believe the cyclist was at fault. However, if you work in Pyrmont like I do with that silly bike lane you'd see without a doubt that cyclists accept no responsibility and do some very, very stupid shit that could get them killed... yet don't seem to care. I've seen them bolt through red lights, weave in and out of cars travelling perpendicular to them (against the red light). I've seen one cyclist recently slam into the back end of a car because he came bolting through a red light and the car had right of way yet started swearing at the driver as if the driver was the one in the wrong. I've had one cyclist come up behind me, slam into my backpack off my shoulder then have the nerve to tell me to watch where I was going... Yet SHE was the one coming up behind ME on the Pyrmont bridge (plenty of room for them to have gone around)


Some of them really need to loosen their helmet and lose the attitude.

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