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South Park The Stick Of Truth

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Hey guys! :D I couldn't find a place to yammer away about this game, so I decided to make one :D

I dunno how many of you actually have played this game, and let's face it... Most people know from hard lessons that when you buy a game based off of a TV series or movie, it's rather disappointing.


I personally would never have touched it, but PewDiePie on YouTube gave it a go and I was beyond thrilled with the prospects of what the game seemed to offer, so...


I pre-ordered it, downloaded it, and began the most awesome and amazing journey of my gaming life... Well, this year anyway...

I can't stress enough that this game is totally awesome but is very true to the nature of South Park, so if you don't really like South Park as a TV series, you likely won't enjoy this game XD But it's just... Wow! :D


So now I'm gonna warn you... SPOILERS ALERT!!! 'Cos I'm gonna talk about the game a little further :D


You play as "The New Kid" In South Park after having just moved there with your parents, you quickly make friends with the usual gang (yayyyy Cartman & Kenny!!!)

And these friends are all playing a role playing game of sorts, two sides (Elves and humans) fighting for the mighty relic which grants its wielder control over the universe; The Stick... Of Truth! :D *Awesome ambience* ^_^


Of course there's the usual things, violence, sex, anal probing, abortions, aliens, nazi zombies, and all the lovely swearing and even the death of dear sweet Kenny ^_^ (Kenny always dies, this isn't exactly new hahaha)


But the character customisation is totally awesome! :D


You play as a boy, but you can dress up as a girl if you feel so inclined to have a slight amount of confusion about your gender XD


You can choose your skin colour, hair style and colour, clothes and colour, and then you can even find customisations all over South Park which you can equip to alter your look :D

(Such as new hairstyles or clothes, or some pretty make-up for your face)


The weapons are very creative as you wander around South Park beating up kids dressed up as elves and looting everything you can touch :D


The combat system is surprisingly fun and humorous with a touch of difficulty (Don't ask how many times I hit the wrong key) and there's even perks to timing your hits properly resulting in extra damage ^_^


The game has its main story as well as many side-quests, all of which offer their own hilarity and good fun :D


The only down side to this game, if you live in Australia, is that the game has certain scenes completely cut out to be replaced with a cartoon koala crying, and didgeridoo music playing in the background, with a text explanation of what is happening and an apology for being unable to show it. (these scenes are the 5 anal probing scenes and the abortion scene)


Personally I loved every minute of this game, and will certainly play it many times again :D I'd rate this game 10/10, or 10 stars, or 10 rubber chickens for those of you who watch GGSP XD


Anyway... I'm not much of a game review person... So I've kinda run out of things to talk about XD Hopefully you guys enjoyed this game if you've played it :D


Toodles ^_^


Ash xxx

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